When residents of Gasquet, CA, Crescent City, Smith River, and surrounding areas need a land surveyor, we hope that they'll turn to us at Richard B Davis Co. We are trained in land surveying and it's something we take seriously. We understand the issues that can emerge when a professional land surveyor is not used.


Land surveying is generally the first step at construction time. Knowing the correct boundaries, and shape of the land helps to determine the dimensions and architecture of the building that is being erected. Failure to get a survey can result in extra expenses, and long delays. It can also lead to issues down the line for anyone who buys the property. 

As a land surveyor, I will see to it that you understand the property boundaries, whether for an established property or new construction. Poorly surveyed land has resulted in many issues within neighborhoods, don't let this happen to you. The result can even be a court date if neighbors feel that you are infringing on their property. It can also be costly, if you inadvertently have a fence or other structure erected on land that does not belong to you, but belongs to a neighbor, you will have to take it down. Calling us can help you avoid all the above issues.

When you're talking about your property, use a company that's licensed, and has trained, skilled professionals. That's us. Hiring us now can prevent disputes later. We are skilled in providing many different types of surveys depending on your needs. Call us to let us know what you need, and how we can help. We'll be happy to come out to the property to provide you with the type of survey that you need. We look forward to providing you with professional surveying, and excellent customer service.

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