Residents of Gasquet, CA, Crescent City, Klamath, and surrounding areas who are searching for local land surveyors they can trust, need look no further than Richard B Davis Co. When you need land surveyed, it's important to use a licensed surveyor, and that's what you get with us. It's important that the person you hire to survey your property gives you accurate information.


Without accurate information from your licensed surveyor, you set yourself up for problems. Lawsuits and arguments with your neighbors are just a couple of the issues you might encounter. As your local land surveyors, we do more than just let you know the actual dimensions of your property. We also describe your land in writing. My information may be different from when you first bought the home because I will also document improvements and outbuildings that may have been erected on the property. I will also map out the property so that you have accurate documentation.


I am also able to create a topical map for you. If you have an empty piece of property that you wish to build on, a topical map is something you will want. These maps make it easier to plan out your future building projects. It's important to understand the features of your property in order to use the space to your best advantage.


It doesn't matter when or why you need a property survey done, call me and we'll get it done for you. When you hire my company, you can rest assured that you're getting someone who gives their all on each and every job. My reputation is important to me, and I go above and beyond to ensure that each client is satisfied. We survey parcels of any size, none are too large, or too small. We would consider it an honor to survey your property.

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