We here at Richard B Davis Co are skilled surveying professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that our clients in Klamath, CA, Gasquet, Smith River, and surrounding areas have the information they need to divide their land, build on their land, or even map out their parcels. We do this by giving each and every client the benefit of our knowledge. We do everything from a simple property survey, mapping services, and parcel divisions, to construction surveys.


You may be wondering why you would need the services of a surveyor, and I can explain it to you, quite simply. If you have a large parcel of land, and you want to divide it in order to sell it or even to build on it, you'll need to have exact measurements. You can't sell something if you don't have a clear understanding of where the property lines are. This leads to confusion, and can even result in lawsuits. We will give you accurate, documented information on your parcel divisions. You will know exactly what you're selling. When it comes to our mapping services, you should understand that you can't just build anywhere you want. Just because you own a piece of property, it doesn't mean that every square inch of it can be built upon. You must understand the topography of the area, and that's what we show you. You will know where the best places are for whatever you intend to put on the property once we are done.


If you're planning new construction, our construction survey is valuable. You'll know the exact measurements of your parcel of land. This allows you to properly place your structures on the land. Our job is to help you map out the area in order to get your construction project off to a good start. Call us today if you need your land surveyed. We're fast, friendly, courteous, and most importantly, great at what we do.

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