Property Survey

Homeowners in Crescent City, CA, Smith River, Klamath, and surrounding areas have many reasons why a property survey is a good idea. The boundaries of your property are not something to leave to chance. When you need someone to provide you with a thorough and accurate property survey, Richard B Davis Co is the company to call.


Many times a homeowner doesn't have an accurate idea as to their property's boundaries. It's important to know where your property ends, and your neighbor's property begins. Having this information before erecting a fence, expanding your driveway, or even adding on to your home, is a must. Without this important information, you could end up erecting a fence, shed, or other structure that infringes on your neighbor's property. This may not seem too serious when you and your neighbor have a great relationship. However, what happens if your neighbor sells their home? You could end up having to tear down anything that is not on your property. This could end up being a costly mistake. A survey will also alert you to any easements or rights-of-way that come along with your property. This is important information to have. 

We also construction surveying. During construction surveying, we stake out the property to guide the construction of a property. Surveying is a vital part of the construction process. We are often utilized at the start of the project. We set the stage for a stress-free beginning. We help building projects get off on the right foot.


Before you move into a home, have a new fence put up, an add-on to your home, or begin new construction, be sure to call us. You'll get a survey that explains all your property lines so that you know exactly what belongs to you, and what belongs to your neighbors. A survey now helps protect you from problems later.

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